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The Awakening Network

Welcome to The Awakening Network. The network currently consists of 4 sites that all share the same goal of spreading the full truth of the gospel. The purpose of the Awakening Network is to provide resources for those that want to combat the lies that have been forced on the Church through a false Eurocentric teaching of the scriptures. While the Awakening Network’s official position is the the Hebrews and Christ are black, the network is not associated with any BHI camps or camp doctrine. For more information about The Awakening Network please see the links below.

The Awakening Network Feed

The network feed shows the latest additions to each of the sites in the network, without the need to visit each site individually unless you want to view the content. If you prefer one or two of the sites over the others, each site has a separate subscription option, so you will only receive the content you prefer. For a summary of each site in the network, please read below. Sites are listed in alphabetical order.

Black Hebrewz

This site was created for the sole purpose of collecting and organizing all of the evidence that points to the Hebrews mentioned in scripture being black. There are no articles or doctrine on this site. Each piece of evidence has it’s own page, and is perfect for use in your research or if you just want to browse the evidence without any additional interpretation added.

Black History In The Bible

The most popular website in the network to date. BHITB explores the contributions, genealogy, history, and prophecies concerning black people in the Bible. Contrary to popular belief, the black presence in the Bible is very heavy, and several African nations played an integral part in the history and development of Israel as a nation.

Minister Fortson

This was the site that the entire network was built around. Minister covers a wide range of Biblical topics including angels, demons, nephilim giants, hybridization, sexuality, Biblical history, and more. If you’re looking for new areas of study, this site has it all.

The Awakening Study Bible

The Awakening Study Bible (TASB) is a 100% free community created online study Bible that leans heavily towards explaining the supernatural, ethnicity, genealogy, and historical evidence contained within and outside of the pages of scripture. This is a work in progress and you’re welcome to contribute to its creation.


  • Michael Spencer

    Great information. But one isn’t truly awake, if they worship a Sun God and not the one true God of Israel. The Romans added themselves to the Bible, after conquering the Israelites. They also added their Sun God Horus, who predates Jesus by 3000 years. Both born of a virgin on Dec 25th, die on a cross and rose from the dead. They have ticked the world, to worship a Pagan Sun God. They only changed the name… Please wake up…

    • Your lack of research is extremely misguided. Horus wasn’t born of a virgin. Isis was married to Osiris and used his severed penis to impregnate herself after Set castrated Osiris. Stop believing stuff just because people say it, when the book is available to read for yourself and see it’s not true. And if they’re lying about that, ask yourself why they’d lie about it to steer you away from truth by presenting a lie.

      Furthermore, December 25th is irrelevant because the Bible doesn’t say December 25th. Maybe you’re just the type of person that assumes other people don’t know… which is a sure sign that you’re not awake at all to the truth… just bits and pieces of it from other people telling you what to believe and not because you read it yourself and verified it.

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